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Review: Robin Rhode Takes Schoenberg’s ‘Erwartung’ to the Street

(Broadway, No Less)- The New York Times


Like many, I’ve walked through Times Square and experienced something I can only properly call despair. But I tip my hat to the lady who was drifting, crouching, shrieking and generally existing just past the verge of a nervous breakdown between 42nd and 43rd Streets on Broadway early Saturday evening. Even at my worst, she had me beat.This was the potent soprano Carole Sidney Louis, singing the nameless, desperate Woman in Arnold Schoenberg’s 1909 monodrama “Erwartung” (“Expectation”). Or, rather, she was singing the nameless, desperate Woman in “Arnold Schönberg’s ‘Erwartung’: A Performance by Robin Rhode,” which is not quite the same thing&hellp;